Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a selection of common questions we receive. If your question isn’t answered, please send us a message using our contact form.

General Questions

What Services Do You Offer?

Currently we offer two services. Our most popular service is an escorted shopping service tailored to your needs, where you will be accompanied on a city centre shopping trip by one (or more) of our fun and broadminded girls. We also offer a remote shopping service for the occasions when getting to the shops yourself may prove to be more challenging. You can ask us to acquire specific items on your behalf, or you can suggest a look and one of our girls will surprise you with a choice outfit to your budget and style. All items will be sent out first class under plain wrap to the location of your choice.

We have a dressing and storage service currently in development. Please join our mailing list for details.

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Will anyone know I have used the service?

No. We need to know your real details, but we do not share this information with anyone – including your shopper – so your anonymity is 100% assured. We take care to ensure any emails sent between us do not include references to the service within the Sender name or the Subject. Items posted are always under plain cover.

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How Much Does The Service Cost?

This depends very much on your requirements, including how long you wish to shop for, and how many shopping companions you require. When you complete a booking form we will get back to you with a quote, and will require cleared payment in full before the booking. Obviously, you are responsible for the cost of your own purchases, and we also ask that you cover the cost of any food or drinks you choose to purchase during the day. We aim to be able to provide something for most budgets.

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Questions about our Escorted Shopping Service

Which shops do you visit?

Where would you like to go? We are happy to escort you around all High Street shops and boutiques: Top Shop, Miss Selfridge, Jane Norman, River Island, Dorothy Perkins, Debenhams, La Senza, Ann Summers, Warehouse, Coast, Karen Millen, Primark…the list is endless. We are also happy to liaise in advance on your behalf with more specialist retailers such as bridal shops and boutiques.

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Will I be able to try items on?

Most High Street stores have a TV-Friendly policy, and are happy to allow you to try items on before purchase, though they may ask you to use male changing rooms. The policy with independent retailers may vary. Either way, your shopper will be happy to liaise with the shop on your behalf.

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Can my Personal Shopper handle the transactions?

No problem. Just provide your personal shopper with the cash float and she will go to the till for you. Any remaining money will be returned in full at the end of your appointment, along with all the receipts.

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Can you return items for me?

We are happy to return items you have purchased on an escorted shopping trip, provided they are in returnable condition, and receipts are provided. Of course, we cannot guarantee the shop will accept the return. This service will incurr a one hour charge. Cash will be refunded directly to your account minus a small handling fee. Credit notes will be credited to your account with for use on a later trip.

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Can I Shop Enfemme?

Of course! You can be as drab and discrete, or as flamboyant and outrageous as you choose. You may be stepping out enfemme for the first time, and just want a bit of support, or you may want a full crazy girly shopping experience with a whole gang of girls. Either way, we’ve got the girls for you! Of course, many of our clients prefer to shop in male attire and give the impression of being dragged around the shops under duress. That’s fine with us too!

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How will my shopper be matched to me?

Ultimately this will depend on your requirements and will be discussed before confirming a booking. Typically, We would try and match someone of a similar age to you, unless you have a different requirement. You may also require you shopper to dress in a particular way, and this can be discussed at the time of booking.

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Can I book the same girl next time?

Yes, of course! In fact we want you too! Not only does this help you build confidence, but your shopper gets to know what you like and what suits you making for an improved shopping experience. It also tells us that our girl did something right! On the booking form, there is the opportunity to request a specific shopper.

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Questions about our Shop4U Service

Tell Me More About Shop4U

Shop4U is a remote personal shopping service. When you fill out the order form one of our girls will go and shop for you. If you know exactly what you want then send us the links in the box provided. If you’re not sure then fill out what you can and we’ll surprise you with something! When you’re order has been place we will invoice you via Pay Pal. On payment your items will be dispatched to the delivery address provided.

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What If I Need To Return My Shop4U Items?

All of your items will paid for with a cash transaction. The receipts will be included in your parcel of goodies giving you the freedom to return the items if needs be. Don’t want to return them yourself? No problem. Just send the item back to us and for a fee we will do the leg work. Your account will be credited with the remaining amount. If a cash refund is not offered by the store and a credit note is issued, this will be held in your name for use on your next service.

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Questions about other services we offer

Do You Provide a Dressing Service?

Not at the moment, but this is something we are working on and hope to launch later this year. if you’d like to know more details, please join our mailing list to be kept upto date.

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Do You Provide a Sexual Service?

Sorry, no we don’t. This is strictly a non-sexual service.

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About us

Who is was set up by Gemma Jones, a 20-something real girl from the South West of England. Gemma’s partner is a closet Crossdresser, and she understands the awkwardness and embarrassment felt by some members of the TV/TG community when shopping for clothes. She has been providing this service for four years in the across the South of England, and is now able to offer the service nationally.

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Who Are Your Girls?

All of our girls work freelance for us, and as you’d expect they come from all walks of life. We have fashion students, models, shop assistants and beauticians as well as business women and housewives. We also have some transwomen on our books who are available for escorted shopping trips on request. They span all ages, though most are between 20 and 30. We are always adding new girls and always happy to hear from people who’d like to work with us. If you are fun, fashion conscious and fearless and would like to be one of our escorted shoppers, please register now to join our team

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Are you on Twitter

Why, yes we are! Please do follow us on Twitter for the latest developments in our service, or just to interact with us. We love retweets!

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